APDO Volunteer Opportunities

In-person (indoors at a single location)

- Houston Food Bank East or North Houston: rb.gy/lt1dvo

- MC County Food Bank Conroe rb.gy/fgjjfh

- YMCA Food Distribution Various rb.gy/5rjyft

- A lot of temporary food banks have popped up, see if any are near you rb.gy/ncudkn

- Help the Czech Museum set up virtual tours rb.gy/kmezqb [Unique - Looks great on apps]


Semi Social Distance (outside/in your own car)

- Meals on Wheels (requires car) SW Houston: rb.gy/bxcbc2 , Fort Bend: rb.gy/8bnznw

- Kids Meals (requires car) N Houston: https://kidsmealsinc.org/

- Barker Ripley Food Fair (outdoor) Various: rb.gy/zfhx6u

- Census Distributor (paid!!!) https://2020census.gov/en/jobs.html


Remote (virtual)

- Phone banking for a candidate (presidential election OR local elections!)

- Letters to seniors who are stuck in nursing homes rb.gy/vnkwvu

- Notes of encouragement to health care workers rb.gy/7mkwks

- Make bracelets or write letters to troops rb.gy/ngo8sg


Stay tuned for...

-Volunteers In Public Schools reading program rb.gy/wphmzc

(Registration opens Aug 17)

- APDO Remote Day of Action on Sept 18 for the United Way - (we all write and send cards

from our own addresses, but it counts as a group activity)