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Point system, raffles, & giveaways

APDO's point system will be calculated using physical tickets. Here is a breakdown on how to obtain tickets.

  • 10 tickets per Volunteer Event Attended

  • 10 tickets per General Meeting Attended as a paid member

  • 2 tickets per colored flyer posted around campus (max 5 flyers)

  • 5 tickets for APDO Facebook Share

  • 5 tickets for APDO Instagram Share

  • 3 tickets for joining at or prior to the the 1st General Meeting

  • 2 tickets for joining at or prior to the 2nd General Meeting

  • 1 ticket for joining at or prior to the 3rd General Meeting

Total tickets obtained each month will be used to calculate Member of the Month. The Member of the Month is the individual with the most tickets accumulated at the end of the month. 

Total tickets obtained at the end of the semester will be used to determine the Member of the Semester. Member of the Semester will win valuable DAT prep material.


Tickets will also be used for any raffles that take place during the semester. 

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